Juice Quest

Juice Quest was established in 2011, by Tim Morris, a cold pressed juice enthusiast with a focus on environmental sustainability. This ethos flows through all aspects of the business from our direct relationships with organic farmers, strong waste minimisation practices, and an uncompromising approach to product quality.

The business got its start at pop-ups in organic markets and grew through the Adelaide food truck movement, serving cold pressed juices from a 1960s 14-foot QUEST caravan, then into a bricks & mortar juice bar.

Juice Quest has innovated processes to make it possible to serve fresh cold pressed juice quickly, from a tight space, without compromising on quality. Realising that making cold pressed juice on the spot takes know-how, space & time, Juice Quest has developed a fully engulfing cold pressed juice service which reduces strain on kitchen workflow and enhances customer experience.

We are now solely focused on the production of Adelaide’s best and most authentic cold pressed raw juices. They are 100% RAW (unpasteurised), pressed from local and organic produce, vegan and gluten free. Cold pressing juice retains more nutrients and living enzymes, which results in a naturally tastier & healthier raw juice option.

Juice Quest’s range of organic cold pressed juices are freshly squeezed using traditional pressing techniques with no added preservatives or pasteurisation treatments. Cold pressing juice retains more nutrients and living enzymes which results in a naturally tasty & healthier raw juice option. Juices are kegged using nitrogen gas to retain freshness which aids in extending shelf-life without compromising flavour or freshness.

Fruit Tinlge

Strawberry (O&L)
Orange (O&L)
Apple (O&L)

Pink Bliss

Watermelon (L)
Strawberry (O&L)


Beetroot (O)
Ginger (O)
Lemon (O&L)
Carrot (O)
Apple (O&L)


Spinach (O&L)
Lemon (O&L)
Cucumber (L)
Celery (O)
Apple (O&L)

Natural Sodas

All our natural sodas are made from an organic cold pressed juice base. Real fruit / no crap.


Lemons [O&L]
Lavender (O&L]


Ginger [O]
Lemons [O&L]


Apples [O&L]
Lemons [O&L]

Our relationships with local and organic farmers ensures we have the safest and tastiest produce for squeezing year round.

We work with a range of local growers, from certified organic and bio-dynamic farmers and smaller market gardeners
with an organic ethos. Juice Quest will only use produce from conventional farmers when all other options in sourcing organics has been un-fruitful.

In this event, extra care is taken in processing to ensure there are no “nasties” in the juice.

Joining Forces…

in 2016 the “Squatters Catering Services” was established by Mischief Brew owner Scott Giles and Juice Quest owner, Tim Morris.

‘Squatters Collective’ started out as a customisable temporary pop-up bar structure built for the purpose of collaboratively serving juice & coffee at major local events. Its through this collaboration & collective ingenuity that has seen Squatters develop into a company that now oversees a co-op style production facility, multifaceted catering faction & its own distribution chain.
Squatters Collective has always had a strong eco-conscious ethos with a focus on sustainable up-scaling of commercial production of artisan products. A core element of our model is facilitating growth opportunities for local food & beverage producers alike, that may not otherwise have the potential to grow or be seen within a larger commercial market.
The Squatters Collective headquarters houses a private boutique tasting room which is open to the public during monthly cellar door events or by appointment for new clients to sample the offerings and meet the makers. Behind this aesthetic mini-cafe, sits a well established production facility for its tenants, the independently owned & operated artisanal labels.

Get it here.

Head off to the Squatter Collective’s website to purchase your bottle of cold-press juice.

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