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Cold pressing fruit and vegetables maximises the nutrient content within the juice and helps lock in flavour. Vital enzymes, and nutrients are lost with other forms of juicing. Here at JQ our juices are 100% RAW. This means no pasteurisation or preservative techniques, no chemicals, no additives and no heat treatments. It’s just pure, raw cold pressed juice straight from locally sourced organic & bio-dynamic fresh fruit & veg. Yeah, cold pressing takes more time, but the end result is way more healthy and delicious!


It’s because we are all about clean living and want the best for you. Organic/bio-dynamic produce is grown and processed without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals & fertilisers, or GMO’s. This makes the produce more healthy for us to ingest. Making juice takes a lot more fruit and vegetables than you would usually eat on a daily basis, using organic produce minimises your ingestion of added chemicals. We pay extra attention when using conventional produce to clean off any potential chemical residue.

Also, organic/bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables have more robust flavours and are actually higher in nutrients. Perfect for our Raw Cold Pressed Juices and Cleanses.
Organic and bio-dynamic farming is centred around a holistic, ecological approach. The growth and production of the food considers the impacts on, and from, soil, water, weather conditions, natural growth rates as well as the seasons and the overall impact the farm has on the environment. This type of farming is less impactful on the wider environment which helps keep nature in balance and healthy too. There are so many reasons to love organic/bio-dynamic farming.

Juice Quest’s Raw Cold Pressed Juices are best consumed within 5 days of production. Each bottle has a use by date printed on it. Please refer to the printed date for when it’s best and safest to consume our Raw Cold Pressed Juices.

Juice Quest’s Raw Cold Pressed Juices do not contain any added sugar. The only sugar within our juices come from the fruit and/or vegetables in said juice. Naturally occurring sugars only, no additives.

Yes! Juice Quest products are gluten free. Our products are made in a wheat free environment, however, we can not guarantee that any of our products are celiac safe.

All products, except for the Almond nut milk chai in our cleanse range are nut free. We use specialty equipment, seperate from our other juice production, for making our Almond nut milk.  We take cross contamination and nut allergies very seriously. We have taken every precaution to contain nuts (almonds) to one machine. However, we can not 100% guarantee trace elements within our other products because nuts are handled within our facility.


Juice Quest products are dairy free. We do not use any dairy in the production of our ranges of Raw Cold Pressed Juices and Natural Sodas.

Yes! Juice Quest products are vegan. We do not use any animal products.

This means no pasteurisation (pressure treatment) or preservative techniques, no chemicals, no additives and no heat treatments. These treatments kill naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients, and flavour. Our Raw Cold Pressed Juice’s are made from only fresh, locally sourced, fruit and vegetables.

You can come visit us at our HQ – 18 Vintage Road, Underdale SA 5032. No online order required. However, we may not have all the flavours in all the quantities you’re looking for in stock. If you’re after more than just a couple of juices then we recommend ordering online… or drop us a quick line.

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18 Vintage Road, Underdale SA 5032

We deliver wholesale orders Wednesdays and Fridays. We deliver retail/personal orders Fridays between 7:30am and 4:30pm.

We only deliver within South Australia to the following postcodes; 5000 – 5048, 5050 – 5088, 5134 – 5152, 5154 – 5156, 5245, 5250 and 5251.
If you are outside of our delivery radius you can still order for local pick-up from our HQ. Get in contact if you would like us to post you some merch. 

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If you could be home, that would be ideal. Juice Quest’s products need to be kept cold at all times. If you are unavailable to receive your order in person, please leave a cooler bag/box with ice/ice-blocks in a safe, cool, dry place for us to place your order in. Juice Quest boxes are (24cm W x 11.5 cm D x 20 cm H). Your order must fit inside your cooler bag/box with lid closed. If you do not provide a chilled cooler bag/box we reserve the right to return your order to our HQ and/or cancel your order. Please refer to our T&Cs for more details.

In the checkout process simply check the box next to ‘Deliver to a different address?’ Enter your same street address then in ‘Suburb’ enter “Adelaide”, in ‘State’ choose “South Australia” and in ‘Postcode’ enter “5000”. Select ‘Flat Rate’ shipping. Please also add the following as an Order Note “Apparel Only Delivery”.

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