Pink Bliss Raw Cold Pressed Juice pouring from tap into glass of ice.

Packed and stored in a controlled, refrigerated environment. Delivered to your cafe, bar, whole-food store within 24hrs.


Alleviate pressure on your kitchen & staff while improving customer experience. Let us deal with the messy!

Juice Tap system with two glasses of juice sitting under taps. Coffee machine in background.
Roots 'n' Fruits Raw Cold Pressed Juice pouring into glass from a tap system.

Our RAW Juices are 100% natural with no preservatives or additives. Vegan, Organic/Bio-dynamic, Gluten free & Dairy free.

We pride ourselves on making the best, most healthy, fresh, raw, organic juice we know how.  Always enjoy good health with great taste! 

Let’s face it, cold pressing is slow and messy! Offering our Raw Cold Pressed Juices on-tap leaves you with a fast and clean experience while we deal with the mess. We press to order, giving you the freshest, most flavourful product possible. Our Juice is pressed to order, stored and packed in a refrigerated environment and is delivered to your local cafe within 24hrs.

You’ll find our juice range on-tap at over 40 of South Australia’s best cafes/eateries as well as bars/restaurants and a few whole-food stores.

If you’re interested in pouring Juice Quest’s Raw Cold Pressed Juice on-tap at your cafe/bar/gym/whole-foods store or next event, contact us today.

Juice Quest Tap System. Fridge and 2 taps on wheels.
Juice Quest Tap System. Fridge with 2 taps.

Our distribution partner, Squatters Collective, specialises in getting our Raw Cold Pressed Juice to you. They also look after tap system installs and maintenance to make the process simple. 

Want to know more?
Contact Squatter Collective.

Email: info@squatterscollective.com.au
Phone: (08) 7080 1471
Visit: www.squatterscollective.com.au/

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