Roots 'n' Fruits Raw Cold Pressed Juice in glass of ice.Sitting on white table. Juice Spill to side.
100% RAW

No pasteurisation or heat treatments.
Simply cold pressed, locally grown fruit and veggies.


Authentically cold pressed utilising only the best and freshest ingredients available. No preservatives or additives.

Fruit Tingle in bio cup, Pink Bliss in bio cup sitting on wooden bench.

We aim to source organic/bio-dynamic ingredients wherever possible for maximum nutrition & the best quality of flavour.

Gimme Greens Raw Cold Pressed Juice pouring into glass with ice.

Here at Juice Quest, we’re passionate about producing healthful & delicious juice for the whole family.

Our juices are 100% RAW for maximum nutrition & the best quality of flavour. This means no pasteurisation or preservative techniques, no chemicals, no additives and no heat treatments. It’s just pure, raw cold pressed juice straight from locally sourced organic & bio-dynamic fresh fruit & veg.

Juice Quest’s raw flavours are ‘Fruit Tingle’, ‘Roots ‘n’ Fruits’, ‘Gimme Greens’ & ‘Pink Bliss’.

Our juices contain organic and bio-dynamic ingredients wherever possible and are gluten free, dairy/lactose free and vegan. They’re 100% natural!

No matter how young or old you are, Juice Quest is a healthful, flavourful juice option for your tastebud enjoyment. When you’re drinking a Raw Cold Pressed Juice from Juice Quest, you’re consuming nothing but the good stuff. Always enjoy good health with great taste!

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Juice Quest views health and well-being as an ongoing journey. Our cleanse range is carefully crafted from nutritious organic fruits and vegetables, nurturing you in a healthy and holistic life journey.

We’re here to support you in living your best life.

From a basic starting point (Cleanse 1), to advanced, deep detoxification cleansing (Cleanse 7) and everything in-between. We’ve got all types of Juice Cleansing covered! If you’re looking to kick-start a healthier way of living or change the way you are currently cleansing then these are the cleanses for you.
Our easy to follow step-by-step, cleanse-by-cleanse programs will support even the most novice of cleansers to reach new levels of health and wellbeing.

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Juice Quest Organic Farming

Here at Juice Quest, we use organic and bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables from local growers and farmers across South Australia whenever we can get it.

Organic and bio-dynamic farming is centred around a holistic, ecological approach. The growth and production of the food considers the impacts on, and from, soil, water, weather conditions, natural growth rates as well as the seasons and the overall impact the farm has on the environment. Organic/bio-dynamic produce is also grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO’s. There’s just more love in it!

Organic/bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables have more robust flavours and are actually higher in nutrients. Perfect for our Raw Cold Pressed Juices.

We want to be as transparent as possible. Our star system highlights exactly what’s organic/bio-dynamic in our juices on a regular basis. Due to the seasonal nature of organic produce some ingredients can be challenging to find organically grown at certain times of the year. As such, seasonal variations can naturally occur.

Fruit Tingle Raw Cold Pressed Juice in bottle, red background

Is a powerhouse of Vitamin C and antioxidants that will fortify skin and hair, boost energy, and kick start your immune system. Fruit Tingle is sweet and delicious. Liquid sunshine!

Ingredients: Apple**, Orange*, Strawberry**, Lime.

Pink Bliss Raw Cold Pressed Juice in bottle, green background

Think sunny summer days at the beach under an umbrella. Pink Bliss is silky smooth, succulent and refined. If you’re looking for some hydration, look no further than Pink Bliss.

Ingredients: Watermelon, Strawberry** and Lime.

Roots 'n' Fruits Raw Cold Pressed Juice in bottle, orange background

A deliciously earthy blend of root vegetables and crisp fruits that is full of anti-inflammatory goodness and bone/nerve strengthening vitamins. Glow from the inside out with this Raw Cold Pressed Juice that is a little bit naughty, a little bit nice and a whole lot of nourishment.

Ingredients: Apple**, Carrot**, Beetroot**, Lemon* and Ginger*.

Gimme Greens Raw Cold Pressed Juice in bottle, pink background

The most succulent blend of hydrating, vitamin rich ingredients you’ve ever experienced. This Raw Cold Pressed Juice blend provides a great energy boost while you’re on the go. Perfect for a mid afternoon pick-me-up!

Ingredients: Kale**, Spinach**, Celery*, Cucumber, Lemon* & Apple**.

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